How to Apply Minute Facelift

For best results, apply Minute Face Lift to dry, freshly cleansed, moisturizer free skin. To increase tightening effect, you can wipe your skin with any astringent or toner, containing some alcohol or Witch Hazel, to make skin free of oils if necessary.

Next, squeeze a pea size amount of Minute Facelift onto your fingertips. Apply product in very thin layer going over wrinkles, by tapping and lightly pushing product into your skin. Apply it over areas of concern like around eyes and forehead and all over the face if you need it. Try not to flex facial muscles while product is drying. Let it set-in and dry. You can fan on your face lightly. Minute Facelift should absorb and dry in 3-5 minutes. You will feel tightening effect, and it’s normal. By now some of your wrinkles will become softer and less visible.

Note: If you apply too much product, a white film might appear around the edges. Simply moisten white edges with little water, toner or a moisturizer, spread into those areas and let it dry. After Minute Facelift dries, you can apply eye make up, spot concealer or face powder.

Application with foundation: If you must use foundation, you will need to mix equal parts of Minute Facelift with oil free foundation really well. Usually, mineral based foundation mixes well with Minute Facelift. The best way to do that is to mix small equal parts of Minute Facelift and oil free foundation in a palm of your hand with clean small make-up brush. After mixing, apply product on your face with your fingertips by tapping and going over wrinkles. Let it absorb and dry for 3-5 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: Over time, by trying to apply this product in different ways, and with different make-up, creams or serums, you will find how it works best for your skin type. A lot of customers mastered this technique, and noticeably reduced small wrinkles for visible results.


What are the best areas to apply Minute Facelift?

Best results are most visible around eyes and forehead.

Also, can apply Minute Facelift all over your face and neck, and even hands.

How long will the product results last?

Anywhere between 4-6 hours, depending on application method. Also, humidity and mixing with other products may affect the results.

Can I use it with foundation or concealer?

Yes, mix equal parts of Minute Facelift and oil free foundation. Apply evenly, by tapping Minute Facelift over wrinkles. Let it dry, fan on your face lightly. Foundation might dilute best effect of the lift. Oil free foundations work best with Minute Facelift.

Can I use eye make up and powder?

Yes, you can apply eye make up, consealer and powder after Minute Facelift dries.            

How can I make the product effect last longer?  

Reapply Minute Facelift if you are in humid conditions. Humidity and sweating lessens effect of the product. Also, avoid adding oil based moisturizers and oil based make up. It will lessen the effect, or “cake” the product.

When product dries it gets white at some spots?

Simply moisten those spots with little water, serum or moisturizer free of oils, and spread it on those areas. You can apply eye make up, spot concealer, or face powder after Minute Facelift dries.

Can I reapply product for the effect to last longer?

Yes. Moisten and wipe area clean, let your skin dry, and reapply small amount of Minute Facelift on areas of concern. Let it dry.

How do I remove it?

Easy. Same way you wash your face every day. It comes off easily with water or any other facial cleanser you prefer.

How often can I use it?

Every day use is normal, or as often as you need it.

How often do I need to order this product?

Usually, it can be ordered every 20-30 days. Depending on frequency and amount of usage.

Is this product natural and safe to use?

Yes, this product formulated and produced in USA FDA registered facility. It does not contain, harmful preservatives, colorants, fragrances or unnecessary fillers.

How I can return my order?

We offer 30 days money back guaranteed! If you not satisfied with our product, you can return it to us. Simply by going to your Amazon account order page. Or contact us directly if you made purchase directly from our site. We strive for great customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

Can I call or email if I have a question about your product?

By phone: 1-800-434-2772,

Buy email: minutefacelift@gmail.com

By website: www.minutefacelift.com

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