Tips for Healthy Skin from IYA

Avoid sun off your face...You will get freckles, brown spots and wrinkles. Wear hat and sunscreen. You will still get that nice tan even if you protect your skin. Or, if you want quick tan-like color, you can use self-tanning product for face. Mix equal amounts of self-tanner with small amount of a facial moisturizer and apply on cleansed and exfoliated face. Blend well around eyebrows and hairline.

Do not squint, frown or keep raising your brows…Constant use of forehead muscles for emotions, create wrinkles on your skin. Just by being aware of when you frown, squint and raise your eyebrows, you can teach yourself how to stop doing it. Without reserving to Botox injections. Soon, you skin will look less wrinkled. Always wear sunglasses when outside in the sun. Use anti aging product with Fruit and Glycolic Acids, Vitamin C, CO Q10, Serums, Lipids and Peptides from IYA Skin Care to reduce wrinkles.

To reduce wrinkles around eyes....In the morning splash your eyes with cold water to reduce puffiness. Apply eye cream. Circle around your eyes with fingertips going against wrinkles. Gently press hard down on wrinkles as if you want to flatten them. ‘Unwrinkle’ your skin by pressing skin in eye area each morning and night with good eye cream or serum. By doing that all the time you will greatly reduce wrinkles around eyes. Do this to prevent new wrinkles from forming. When out, wear sunglasses and don’t squint.

Do facial exercise to reduce double chin…  and to reduce drooping cheeks. Face has muscles, exercise them like your body. Try tightening your chin and neck, develop an exercise routine and do this while watching TV or driving in the car. Stretch your neck and tight those face and neck muscles, hold it thigh for 5-10 seconds, do set of 10 every day. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin… Create daily and nightly skin care routine and your skin will be beautiful for years. Nightly for more aggressive treatments such as: scrubs, Glycolic and Fruit Acid treatments, followed by very active Vitamin C serums, Peptides, Lipids, moisturizers and eye cream. And mornings by using serums, moisturizers, eye creams and sun protection.

Always rinse facial cleansers and scrub using wet cotton pads… or good quality paper towel. Washing your cleanser off it with your hands you leave a lot of ‘stuff’ behind, it’s like doing dishes without a sponge. Buy cotton rounds at any store or pharmacy, or use bounty paper towel are the most economical wash wipes. If you cleansed your face well the night before, you don’t need to use cleanser in the morning, unless you have very oily skin. Just rinse your face in the morning with cool water and cotton pads, than apply good skin care products and sun block if going outside.


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