"Hydrosilk Lipids" for Anti-aging, Sensitive and Dry Skin types.

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Hydrosilk Lipids is a skin restoration serum with Essential Lipids. Incredible, healing moisturizer for all skin types. Makes your skin feel silky, light and hydrated without feeling of  a heavy cream.

Hydrosilk Lipids helps in a faster recovery of skin, irritated from exfoliating procedures such as chemical peels, Retin-A, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. It aids to heal skin and has aging properties to nourish the skin. It can be used as a superb eye treatment, or for any areas requiring extra protection and moisture.

Any time  you need a skin care regiment for sensitive, dry or normal skin types,  Hydrosilk Lipids is the product of choice. Formulated to restore, replenish and restructure the correct moisture balance of the skin.

User age: All Ages

Size: 1oz/30ml. Travel size:0.25oz/7.5mg.

Directions: Apply small amount (1-2 pumps) on clean face with fingertips. This silky lipids will absorb in few minutes. Can be mixed with other Iya Skin Care product on application.


Cyclomethicone, Octyl, Cocoate, Dimethiconol, Glycoceramides, Ceramides, Cholesterol.